volunteer information

Over the past three years, it has been the volunteers from the Sheenboro area who have made the race incredible for the athletes. Thank you.
As we prepare for 2019, we wanted to provide some basic information about what will be required from you as a volunteer:

  • Pre-race volunteer meeting Sept. 07 at 8 AM at Hotel Pontiac
  • Please wear a bright yellow safety style shirt
  • Please bring a clip-board if you have one – you will record athlete team numbers as they pass by you
  • Please dress for the weather
  • Please bring enthusiasm
  • Please bring a cell-phone. We will give you the race director and volunteer director’s phone numbers ahead of time
  • Most volunteer shifts last between 2-3 hours
  • Some volunteer stations require only 1 volunteer, while others, like aid stations, require 2 or more
  • Your breakfast and lunch are provided
  • All volunteers will receive a thank-you bag with goodies from race sponsors
  • We are in particular need of volunteers with boats who can help patrol the swimming lanes during the race
  • We are always happy to have assistance with course marking the week ahead of the race as well
  • For more details about volunteering, please contact: Jennifer Jennings – jennjennings@nrtco.net

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