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Swimrun Gears

We get a lot of questions about what type of gear our athletes should bring for their first swimrun. The answer is a lot, or a little – the choice is really up to you. There are three key pieces of gear to consider as you prepare for your first swimrun:

1) Wetsuits are mandatory depending on water temperature but can be a bonus as they help swimmers float better and ultimately swim faster, although they are hot during the running sections so a swimrun specific wetsuit with front and back zippers can help keep you cool @coltingwetsuits.

 2) Hand paddles can increase your swimming speed, but if you haven’t trained with them, can tire your shoulders quickly.

 3) Pull-buoy (flotation) is common and another aid to help you swim faster but you have to carry it with you while you run. Most people use bungee cords to hold it to their thighs so that they can spin it out of the way when they need to run, but it remains in place.

4) Swim goggles


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