SwimRun History

where it all began

Host and creator of Esquire’s Boundless and founder of Adventure Science and Stoked Oats, Simon Donato started Four Elements Racing in 2016 so that he could share his love of endurance sports with athletes who cherish the adventure of the experience as much as the process of racing. Having competed in well over 100 endurance and ultra endurance events including the ÖTILLÖ, Eco Challenge, Sahara Race, Boston Marathon, Furnace Creek 508, Salzkamergut Trophy, Canadian Death Race and many others, Simon knows what makes an event great.

The Amphibious Challenge is born out of his desire to help bring the incredible sport of SwimRun to Canada. He competed in ÖTILLÖ, the swimrun world championships in 2015,  and immediately fell in love with the sport. Having found a perfect stretch of the Upper Ottawa River near his home in Sheenboro QC, he decided to launch the inaugural event this fall. He is excited to be a part of the ÖTILLÖ family in 2017 with the Sheenboro event serving as a merit race.

Please join us for Canada’s first ÖTILLÖ style swimrun on the beautiful Upper Ottawa River in quaint and charming Sheenboro Quebec. This is a locally supported event.