Long Course
Amphibious Challenge - Montréal

Long Course – Team & Solo

Swim – 10 legs:  5400m 

Run – 12 legs:  12,6 km

Total distance: 18 km

Race Course and Markings:
The long course is 18 km long and will be two clockwise loops of the 9 km course.  

The race course will be marked in 4 ways. There will be directional wooden arrows, or arrows on coloured laminated paper used to mark turns. There will be orange pin flags which will mark turns, or act to ‘close off’ side trails. There will also be orange flagging tape on the course – primarily on the trail sections and on all the islands. Maps will be available at registration. The most important thing to remember is that the turns will be extremely well marked and obvious. On straight aways, or obvious trails you should see a flag every 100 – 200 m.

Aid Stations and Volunteer Checkpoints: 

There will be a number of volunteer checkpoints and aid stations on course to monitor your progress and provide support. The aid stations will serve water, electrolyte, soda, and a mixture of fruits, bars, chips, and candy.

Trail conditions: Expect the trails to be in a variety of levels of dryness – from slick and muddy to dry and tacky. Choose your footwear appropriately. Trail shoes that drain quickly and have a good grip on a variety of terrain are strongly recommended.You will run everything from asphalt to boardwalks, which can be slick when wet. 

Safety Flotation: Our first goal is to run a very safe event. You will be swimming in a river that may also have recreational boaters. We will have safety boats on the water for your protection and assistance, and river is much quieter at this time of year, however, if you wish to use a safety float while you are swimming, you may but will have to carry it with you through the entire course.  

Race Etiquette: You will be travelling over public land for much of this race and must take care not to damage any property that you encounter. The race travels through or near environmentally sensitive areas. Consequently, athletes must stay on the marked trail at all times or when their is no trail, follow the flagging in order to minimize disturbance. Littering will not be tolerated on course. Please remember that the we are guests on this beautiful public land and that we should repay the park’s goodwill with the utmost courtesy and care..8

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